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God's Will and the Church - An Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker by kshorter - 03-13-2018
In our Experiencing God study, we’ve now moved to Unit 10—God’s Will and the Church. During much of the study, I’m sure many of us have been convicted to examine our “individual” walk with the Lord.  Now, there’s a shift to consider...
Obedience - An Experience God Blog by Sonya Baker by kshorter - 03-06-2018
Obedience matters ... a lot.   Although I know that, I still struggle with consistent obedience.   Unit 9 in our Experiencing God journey shines the spotlight on obedience.  It reminds us of how critically important obedience is in our l...
Ready? Adjusting Your Life To God - Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker by kshorter - 03-04-2018
Ready? In Unit 8 of our Experiencing God study, we’re challenged to choose:  Adjust your life to follow God … or don’t.  Take that crucial step of faith and trust where God will lead you … or don’t. If we’re determined to do God...
Adjusting Your Life To God - Experiencing God Blog by Felicia Ridle by kshorter - 03-04-2018
Unit 8 – Adjusting Your Life to God This unit took me out! I began thinking of all the adjustments I’ve already made and will have to make in life and was almost overwhelmed. Thankfully, there was great comfort when I read “The God who calls...
The Crisis of Belief Unit Reflection - By Felicia Ridle by kshorter - 02-21-2018
Unit 7 – The Crisis of Belief THIS UNIT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD TO ME!!  I knew it was going to be good when I saw the memory verse. Faith is a requirement to live a life that is pleasing to God. The entire unit was a reminder to exercise my faith in ...


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