Operation More Hope

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Operation More Hope (OMH) is an after-school program with the mission to provide the students with the tools to be successful and was developed from the

Martin Luther King Jr. ideal, “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

OMH is a program that takes kids in the community that are below grade level that need a “hand up”. “Our mission is to equip the youth with the tools necessary to be successful socially and financially,” says Sis. Hope President of Operation More Hope. OMH’s desire is to help the kids raise their grades to graduate from school with the drive to attend college or a trade school. Sis. Hope says, “We want to foster not only their intelligence but their character. We are trying to build the kids into not only intelligent but thought-bearing citizens. Our hope is that these students will be lifted in a way that creates a person of character that goes out to be successful in the world and then returns to give back to their community.”

OMH is in partnership with School 49, Northside New Era Community Outreach Corporation (NNECOC), and community partners Connection Pointe through City Mosaic, the Edna Martin Center, New Covenant Community Church, and the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. “It is important to have various partnerships to be successful with programs like Operation More Hope,” states Sis. Hope, “it really takes advantage of the premise that it takes a village to raise a child and we are forming that village with Operation More Hope.”

OMH’s program provides a base for the students’ nutrition, enriches them academically, and attempts to show the students a world beyond what they know. The program seeks to help the students and their families with physical needs such as clothing and food, raising self-awareness and self-esteem. “There is a growing fellowship with the chefs that feed the students Monday-Thursday and the volunteers that come to help them with their homework. Some of the students build loving relationships with the volunteers and see them as people who care and give them the attention and love they need.”

This premise of caring attention extends to the students families as well. “It is really exciting to see the development of the students and to see the byproducts of having the program. Parents who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable being in a church environment are becoming more at ease here and even seeking needed help from the church. They see that the church and community do care about their welfare and the growth of their children. As a result we hope that this comfort and trust in the church will ultimately lead not only the students but their parents and families to Christ. The parents see that New Era Church is welcoming their children in the afterschool environment and it makes it easier for them to come to other events including worship services” says Sis. Hope.

The foundation of Operation More Hope gives not only the NNECOC the ability to reach out to the surrounding community but New Era Church, volunteers, and community partners the opportunity to place a foothold in the community that is enriching the future generation and ultimately planting a seed that will flourish and rejuvenate the community in the years to come.

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