The Crisis of Belief Unit Reflection – By Felicia Ridle

February, 21, 2018 by: 0 Comments

Unit 7 – The Crisis of Belief THIS UNIT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD TO ME!!  I knew it was going to be good when I saw the memory verse. Faith is a requirement to live a life that is pleasing to God. The entire unit was a reminder to exercise my faith in God and to […]

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Crisis of Belief – An Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker

February, 20, 2018 by: 0 Comments

A ‘God-sized assignment’ … To me, that sounds intimidating, even scary—and it should, according to Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King, the authors of Experiencing God. In Day 1 of Unit 7 (“The Crisis of Belief”), they suggest that as a Christian’s relationship with God grows, something unsettling happens by design: God invites the […]

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Reflection on God Speaks – An Experiencing God Blog by Felicia Ridle

February, 19, 2018 by: 0 Comments

Unit 5 – God speaks, Part 1 This unit made God so touchable for me. Learning that when the Holy Spirit speaks, it is an encounter with God, has made me realize that I experience God more than I initially imagined. Daily, I can sense or hear the Holy Spirit speaking; prompting me to do […]

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God Speaks – An Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker

February, 13, 2018 by: 0 Comments

Have you noticed that both Unit 6 and Unit 5 of Experiencing God are about God speaking to us? I suppose that’s because communication with the Lord is vital to sustaining a vibrant relationship with Him. Come to think of it, that’s the case with any “real” relationship we have with anyone, isn’t it? What […]

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God Speaks! An Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker

February, 06, 2018 by: 0 Comments

While reading Day 1 of Unit 5 (God Speaks, Part I), I was reminded of how crucial it is to have a relationship with God.  That relationship is the crux of the matter. I vividly recall years ago when I learned this. Up until then, I thought being a Christian meant believing wholeheartedly in Jesus, […]

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If Nothing Changes…Nothing changes. An Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker

January, 31, 2018 by: 0 Comments

Last week, I saw a bumper sticker that literally stuck to my mind. It said: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. After reading those words, it occurred to me that although I want to become a more disciplined person, I won’t unless I make real efforts, combined with prayer. The new results I seek won’t emerge […]

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God’s Love For Me – Experiencing God Blog by Felicia Ridle

January, 25, 2018 by: 0 Comments

Last week was my favorite so far and then unit 4 definitely came through and topped it. I was at conference for Children’s Pastors while studying unit 4 and every day God enhanced my experience with him even more. Each day at the conference it was highlighted how the love of God and our Savior […]

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The Question Is: How Much Do You Love God? – Experiencing God Blog by Sonya Baker

January, 23, 2018 by: 0 Comments

The question is: How much do you love God?   Can you say honestly and without any hesitation that you “love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind” or must you pause before answering that question?  Unit 3—God Pursues a Love Relationship—sheds light on our individual bond with God.  […]

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God is Pursuing A Love Relationship! – Experiencing God Blog Post by F. Ridle

January, 16, 2018 by: 0 Comments

This week, so far, has been my favorite week of Experiencing God. I really enjoyed the time I spent with God and reflecting on who He is as God. The fact that God pursues a love relationship with me is comforting, encouraging, and so much more. For me, it is a clear testament to God’s […]

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“Help me, Father!” – Experiencing God Blog Post by S. Baker

January, 16, 2018 by: 0 Comments

“Help me, Father!”    “Ouch!”      In just a few short days, I’ve jotted these words on several pages in my Experiencing God book, all in response to statements that force me to ask sobering questions about my relationship with Him. One question in particular: Do I focus more on my own life than […]

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